• Best of Both Worlds: The Practical Benefits and Astounding Brilliance of Choice

    Over the past eighteen months, testing programs have adapted to using a combination of online and test center delivery methods. As programs map out what the future may hold, a growing number are embracing a “best of both worlds” approach: adopting hybrid approaches to test delivery that draw on best practices from both the online and test center models.

    As programs shift from reactionary to a strategic planning mode, the option to design exams and exam processes for multiple delivery methods is ripe with opportunity and practical benefits. Enhance program flexibility, redundancy, and reach, while simultaneously caring for your test-taker and the fairness of your exam underscores the brilliance of choice.

    Join industry leaders to discuss the opportunities of hybrid assessment. Together, we will explore case studies and emerging best practices, plus learn how having the choice of online test center offerings can benefit test-takers and assessment programs alike.

    Have questions about the webinar? Reach out to Examity today.

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