• Bigger, Faster…Better? What to Consider When Considering Massive Content Creation

    The trending use of crowd-sourced subject-matter expert (SME) panels coupled with disruptive technologies grounded in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) models offer the potential to revolutionize the item development and review process for certification programs. Many programs are experiencing pain points around limited resource availability, development timelines, security concerns, and content deprecation cadences. The appeal of automating content creation is therefore clear-cut; offering the ability to generate larger item banks leveraging fewer human resources in shorter timeframes. The key consideration is how to produce more items in less time without sacrificing content quality, psychometric rigor, or any elements of validity. This panel will discuss potential unintended consequences in automated content generation approaches that may not be readily apparent. The shared goal is to responsibly move innovation in the testing industry forward.

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