• Challenge, Transform and Evolve: What Does the Future Hold for the Assessment Industry?

    Technology has enabled and necessitated widespread changes in the assessment industry in the past few decades. Every step of the assessment process is driven by technological advances, including test constructions, exam delivery, physical and digital security, and data management. The same large-scale changes are occurring in the learning and education space. Learners of all ages are increasingly engaging with technology enhanced education platforms. Recent advances in machine learning, intelligent tutoring systems, and multimodal data collection, are blurring the boundary between learning and assessment. Ideas that were once firmly in the realm of science fiction are now closer than ever to becoming reality.
    In this session, an expert panel composed of education technologists, learning scientists, and assessment industry practitioners will discuss challenges and opportunities in this new environment. The panelists will share their visions for the future, and ideas on how the assessment industry will get there. Join us in this discussion and consider perspectives that will challenge the status quo.

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