• Defeating Test Deceit: Practical Measures to Address and Mitigate Exam Fraud

    Tackling test fraud in our evolving and fast-moving digital assessment world means being able to rapidly move from detection to action. It also requires taking a more joined-up security approach across the entirety of your program – from exam development to operations.

    What actions should you take and when? What are the key considerations related to test security and the impact of test fraud as you navigate across all aspects of the assessment life cycle?

    Join us for this webinar on May 26th, 2022 (12-1pm EDT), where a diverse panel of experts in program leadership, test security and data forensics will discuss everyday examples of taking action against test fraud. They will provide advice on collaborating with internal teams and share the full force they have employed to deflect and deter organized cheating in its many forms.

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