• Don't Pull the Fire Alarm! Preventing Accommodations Escalations from Becoming Crises

    It’s easy to panic when an angry candidate claiming to have a disability– or their parent or their lawyer– calls your boss, the CEO, or Legal office demanding an explanation as to why their test accommodation was denied. Call an emergency meeting! Send out an e-mail to everyone in the company! And most definitely, PULL THE FIRE ALARM!

    If a testing accommodations situation escalates into a crisis, there is significant legal and business risk if the situation is not handled properly. Organizations need strategies for dealing with accommodations escalations before they become crises. This session will discuss the most common types of testing accommodations situations that can escalate into crises, and provide participants with calm, sensible strategies for avoiding these escalations. The panelists will describe specific examples to demonstrate effective strategies, as well as the pitfalls of not having such strategies in place.

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