• Gamified Assessment in Employee Selection - Development, Validation, and Technology Advances

    In this workshop, Dr. Robert Gibby, Chief Talent Scientist at IBM, and Dr. Matthew Neale, Chief Psychology Officer at psychometric assessment firm Revelian, present a series of case studies covering the development, application, and evaluation of gamified psychometric assessments for employee selection purposes. The case studies illustrate how gamified assessments can be developed and validated, how they contribute to the talent attraction and identification process at IBM, and how they contribute to recruitment outcomes.

    In particular, the case studies will explore the unique contribution that gamified cognitive ability assessment can play in a recruitment environment that is increasingly focused on big data and AI and increasingly sceptical of the value of psychometric assessment. Over the past three years, Revelian has been working with IBM and other partners to develop psychometrically robust gamified assessments of cognitive ability. In this workshop, Robert and Matthew describe the gamification process and how it can be used to bring rich behaviour samples, advanced analytics, and engaging candidate experiences to the employee selection process.

    Participants can expect an interactive and engaging workshop during which genuine issues, dilemmas, and opportunities in the area of gamified assessment will be discussed.

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