• How is Globalization Shaping Assessment

    Globalization has become one of the buzzwords of our time. In the assessment community, globalization provides great opportunities for test owners to extend their influence beyond national borders. This in turn can lead to the creation of global standards and more ‘portable’ credentials for the workforce. But globalization does not come without its challenges for those involved in assessment and credentialing. It may require an entire re-examination of long-established test development and test delivery practices. What payment methods are commonly used in new geographic regions? What are the cultural norms of testing? How can testing in different languages be accommodated while maintaining comparisons across regions and languages? What different routes to eligibility must be considered? These are just a few of the questions that assessment organizations may be confronted with in a global assessment program. Panelists from assessment organizations at various stages within the globalization process will discuss these questions and more with fellow conference goers who may be facing similar challenges.

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