• Is the Client Always Right

    The science of measurement is an exacting mistress that can sometimes put it into conflict with the business of measurement. Yet, as we all know, the assessment life-cycle is all about trade-offs but which take precedence?

    The role of a psychometrician is to support the development of fair, high quality assessments that can be delivered consistently to maximise reliability. And while clients may initially agree, tensions can arise as time-to-market, design choices, product costs and considerations come into play. Where can – and should – compromises be made? Who determines what they might be? And what takes precedence: the science, or the business, of measurement?

    Erwin van Schaffelaar will moderate this debate to determine if commercial needs take priority over psychometric considerations. He’ll stand between two teams. On one side we have Nikki Eatchel and Clarke Porter arguing for the business of measurement, and on the other, we have Ada Woo and Jerry Gorham defending the science of measurement.


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