• Test Centers are Dead, Long Live Test Centers!

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    Are the rumors around the demise of test centers real? Or just….rumors?

    Over the past year online proctored exam delivery has experienced exponential growth, yet demand for in-person exam delivery at test centers remains as high as ever for high-stakes credentialing programs. Even during the pandemic, most high-stakes, accredited programs have preferred exam delivery through test centers over the compelling option of online proctoring.

    The disruptions of COVID-19 have not only revealed the challenges that online proctoring platforms need to address in order to remain a long-term viable option for high-stakes programs, but it also has highlighted the stringent operational adjustments that brick and mortar test centers are required to implement.

    Join us for some ‘real talk’ about the operational considerations for both test center and online proctored exam delivery and what you need to know about migrating your program to online proctoring.

    In this session, you’ll hear from respected panelists with experience in large-scale program management, psychometrics and measurement, and test delivery technology. Together, they’ll share their diverse insights and learnings around the advantages, disadvantages, operational differences, and trade-offs of modalities with respect to:

    • Security Risks and mitigation strategies across modalities
    • Date privacy considerations
    • Impacts to test design and item development
    • Accommodations—compliance challenges, exam length, and scheduled breaks

    This webinar will help participants better evaluate what modality their program is best suited for: in-person or remote proctored delivery and will outline what changes must be considered if they wish to fully or partially migrate to online test delivery.

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